I think Huge was destined to encounter digital music.

A toy, small enough to be held in a palm, cast a spell on the 14-year-old boy. The toy, an electric instrument named YAMAHA QY 20-he called it a sequencer- was given to him by his aunt. He lost no time starting to make elementary tracks by using it.
Till then his favorite pastime had been to caricature people around him, for example, his classmates, school teachers and family members. But in time he came to give a theme tune to each caricature and he found himself brushing up the theme tunes seriously.

After entering high school, his devotion to digital music was becoming stronger and stronger. Several months had passed when he was quite sure he learned to use QY 20 perfectly. He thought he wanted to try YAMAHA QY 300, which requires further skill and is much more functional.

To get QY 300, in the first time he had to save money. So he started a part-time job at a convenience store. After school he changed into the store uniform and worked hard from 6:00 pm till 10:00 pm. And after about half a year, he at length got QY 300 he had long wanted to. From the very day when it arrived home, he spent all his spare time in not only composing but arranging music. I remember he was making a large number of tracks one after another as if he had fallen under a spell.

I think the hours with QY 300 were blissful time to him. During the day he was at school, in the evening he was at part-time job and till the next morning he was with QY 300.
You might wonder how he could get some sleep.
His class teacher said to me once, “Your son has never disturbed the others in class.”


A Labyrinthine Love(Fami-com World)