track32■Huge makes remix just for pleasure/A man eating sounds

Apart from remix works requested by the record company, Huge made various genres remix works, just for pleasure. They are, for instance, ‘2 STEPS BACK’ by the prince of 2-step, Craig David and ‘Dinosaur Adventure 3D’ the authority of Techno, Underworld, etc... How I wish I could have them listened to by everyone!

The father of music, J.S.Bach would surely be astonished to hear ‘Air on G-string’ by Huge’s trance mix.

Huge also branched out into even the arranging of a melody, which announces the arrivals and departures of trains at platforms in Ikebukuro Station on the Tobutojo-line.(東武東上線)

Unfortunately the demo track is nowhere to be found.


Some of Huge's friends say he showed unusual curiosity about a variety of sounds in his daily life. To such an extent that even Lafcadio Hearn(小泉八雲), who wrote a lot of Japanese folktales and loved peculiar sounds of life and nature in good old days of Japan, will probably yield to Huge in the curiosity about sounds.

At a restaurant, Huge and his girlfriend are at a dining table.

They hear sounds of ices taken out of ice machines, of water poured into glasses, of coffee cups touching saucers, of knives and forks….

“Listen! That sound. Fantastic!” he exclaimed with his eyes shining.

She gave her evidence to me, “I didn’t feel at ease, with him pricking up his ears even while eating dishes. But I’ve got relieved to find he wasn’t daring enough to step into the kitchen where the cooks were working busily.”