track26■UR-Chin mix

It was just 100 days since Huge passed away and the day happened to fall upon his 22nd birthday.

After we held a memorial service (百日忌) for Huge, we were on our way home from the grave where he rests.
We were in a car driven by our friend.
My husband in the front seat, who had been still and quiet until then, became restless suddenly and abruptly bent down to turn up the car radio to the maximum.
Turning around to us in the back seats (Huge's girlfriend had come from Tokyo to visit his grave), he said, “What's this tune!?”

♪dad-dad-dad-dahn! dad-dad-dad-dahn!
Ayumi Hamasaki's singing was reaching our ears.

“I owe Beethoven this phrase.”
I remember he confessed it to me with a naughty smile.

♪もう二度とはぐれてしまわぬようにと(mou-nidoto-hagurete-shimawanu-younito). Her lyrics were going on running from the radio.
We in the back seats were grasping each other's hands and our faces in tears were distorted with surprise or excitement.
We were giving a delight yell in spite of ourselves.

I had sent a card to make a request for a Huge's a remix for Hamasaki to a local radio station a month before, but I had hardly expected my request would be accepted and that the remix would be on the air. The title of the remix is a mixture of ‘urchin’ 「腕白小僧(wanpaku-kozou)」 and part of our family name, 「漆(urushi)」.

Fancy hearing my favorite remix work ‘Huge UR-Chin mix’ on such a day of all days!
It was a big surprise from Huge.