track23■A frozen tropical night

HUGE.STUDIO, which Huge used as a studio and bed room, was equipped with an air conditioner, but he never used it, however hot it was in the height summer. It didn't mean he put into practice economical life to protect our planet, the earth
environment. This was because the restricted power supply of our house, 30 ampere, didn't allow him to use his air conditioner.

A little carelessness sometimes made a circuit breaker function and a fuse blow out. By the night the fuse had blown out twice. The first happened when his sister turned on the TV and the second ,when I pressed the switch of the washing machine. 

We call a very hot night ' tropical night' (熱帯夜) in Japan. That night also was just a tropical night.

In his studio a fan attached on the wall was spinning at full speed with its head shaking. Under severe condition as if to be in a sauna bath, Huge aged 17 was facing his home computer and synthesizer, perspiring all over. But cuttingly cool rhythms were being drummed on from the loudspeakers.
Just then, all of a sudden, the fuse blew out, and in a moment it became dark in all the house.
Our family was made up of five members. The probability of each being a suspect is 20%, but his two younger sisters had already gone to bed. Huge had a trustworthy alibi, for he was working hard, perspiring all over in his studio.
Then, the suspect is me? No! I'm definitely not guilty of this. Because I was drowsing listening to his synthesizer.

We identified the suspect. A remote control held in the hand was a clear evidence.
In fact , his father lowered the temperature of his workroom by one degree. He was free to use an air conditioner of his room.

"Such a cool phrase would not come from me again! My masterpiece had been lost forever!" Huge said in a bad mood.
"Plugged in instruments have proved to be helpless in this case. How would you make music if you were on an uninhabited island not supplied with electricity?" His father said with an unconcerned air.
Though dumbfounded at his father's words, he kept his temper and affirmed, "I WILL NEVER go to such an island!"

I reckon Huge's original tunes lost during the summer amounted to four pieces.