track22■The Intruders (Audience with wings)

“Something is there in the attic!” said Huge pointing at the ceiling with a suspicious look.
When I stepped into his room, a weird sound I’d never heard came to my ear.

“Certainly something is there!”

It was moving wildly, not sneakily, and that it didn’t seem to be alone. I estimated there were three or more. I kept my ears open to hear them pattering around between the ceiling and the roof.
I said to myself, “They are hornets, rats or tarantulas? They sound as if they have wings. They might be doves. What if they are birds of prey?”

In the evening a few days after that, through the windows dyed orange by the sunset, I saw them flying around in the air. The UFOs with flight pattern and formation flight of not birds flew around for a while and went out of my sight.
“What on earth are they?!”

The next morning we at last found out what the UFOs were. A lost UFO away from its company was hanging from the ceiling with its head downward.Its eyes met mine by chance.I thought I had seen the intruder in the encyclopedia before.

Without shrinking, I bravely declared war against it.

Though the fight against the intruder was thought to last forever, it was I that won a victory. By making use of a net for fishing, I eventually captured my enemy.

My philanthropy spirit wouldn’t allow me to execute it, so I released it outside.
The truth is that Huge’s room, which he had used as a studio and bed room, had become ‘the castle of Earl Dracula’ before we knew it.

This is because the synthesizer played night and day by Huge had caused such a strange phenomenon.

Attracted to the digital sound with high frequency human beings can’t hear, they had gathered in crowds in the attic. The audience with black wings had gradually been increasing in number. In my eyes (ears) they were not so difficult for him to get along with.

“Full house today!” I said to him looking up at the ceiling.
“You’re kidding. Hell house to me!” he replied with a smile.
He didn’t feed them or give them pet names, but a bat man, Huge had managed to train them. They held an exciting dance almost every night. Their dancing to Huge’s synthesizer was very weird but somehow made us feel a bit enjoyable.

About half a year passed like that.

Unfortunately, however, they disappeared all of a sudden. It was at about the same time when he left home to go on to college.

“You’ve brought them with you, haven’t you? We miss them.” I asked him on the phone.
“You’re kidding!”

The fact was proved that Huge’s audience with black wings had no habit of migration.