track18■Fami-com World

Huge had a tendency to be crazy about one thing.

In his infancy he was crazy about LEGO bricks. He made art works one after another by putting the bricks together, for example, cars, robots, dinosaurs, spacecrafts... and each completed work had a beautifully symmetrical shape.

Though it took him many hours to complete a work, he used to appreciate it with a satisfied look for a while and at once take it apart, with a bang and without a bit of rest he began to work on the making of a new art work again. Why?
Because the number of LEGO bricks he possessed was not large enough for him to exhibit his masterpiece even for a short period.

In his elementary school days he devoted himself to video games. We were anxious about the future of the video game mania (GAME OTAKU), but the fact cannot be denied that game music formed part of his music taste afterward.

There is a tune entitled "Fami-com World" by Huge. We wanted to have this tune listened to by viewers of our website, so we inquired a toy manufacturer, NINTENDO (任天堂) whether we could upload it under the title of "Fami-com World" on our site, because we took it into consideration that FAMICOM is NINTENDO's registered trademark.

Regrettably the reply from NINTENDO was 'NO'. - the person in charge dealt with us very kindly.

Therefore we unwillingly changed the title of the tune as a last resort and uploaded it. We had no choice but to do so.
We wished Huge would forgive us for our deed.

I remember that after his hands were put on the keyboard of the piano instead of holding a controller of FAMICOM, he was growing up with astonishing rapidity day by day.