One day Huge was facing the piano, with a score turned upside down. After playing the first few bars on the piano, he smiled satisfactorily. He increased BPM and arranged the piece.

The original piece is one of the most famous children's songs in Japan, which any Japanese have heard sung by our grandparents in our childhood.

The melody and rhythm of the completed piece told me an adventure story. While I was listening to it, I felt as if we went aboard an old-fashioned spaceship, which was almost scrapped, left the earth, ran out of the solar system and went through the Milky Way Galaxy.

He gave the piece a title, HARD TREK, meaning a long painful journey. In 2005 HARD TREK took part in the music contest (SORA-E UCHU-E ONGAKU-WO HIBIKASO, which means "Let our tunes ring around in the sky, the universe") sponsored by JAXA-Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Regrettably HARD TREK could not win the grand prix, but we still are very much gratified that thanks to great encouragements from a lot of viewers in this website, HARD TREK was finally nominated to be the best 10.

In a sense, HARD TREK might be the theme tune of "HUGE.STUDIO" now.

May our spaceship return to the earth safe and sound!

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